The Story behind Altezza

Who doesn’t enjoy traveling? Or simply enjoys organizing? That’s how our “Take Us With You” tagline came alive.  We want to make your travels and life easier by having your essentials in one place : accessible and neat.

We always had a hard time organizing our personal items and making sure they do not take up a lot of space nor get damaged whether we are on the move or in one place.
Altezza was born from our needs. Handcrafted in the heart of Beirut, Altezza is designed with real Italian Leather , all accessories are dipped in either yellow or white gold to ensure lifelong endurance. It is handmade piece by piece with the hands of professionals, revised and executed with love and precision in order for us to fulfil our promise to you.

Take us with you on every journey whether on your day to day tasks , or in your home space, or even on your personal travels , and let’s build memories together.

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